The Aventuro Carbon2 plus represents the latest evolutionary stage of a helmet that, with its synthesis of tough off-road suitability and high long-distance comfort, appeals above all to adventure riders. The Carbon2 plus will be available in three exciting new designs for the 2021 season.

The carbon artists
The latest evolutionary stage Carbon2 plus also owes its high level of safety to the enormous know-how in the processing of carbon fibre laminates of our manufacturing partner NEXX in Portugal. The years of experience of the skilled worker are just as much in demand during lamination as the precision of ultra-modern industrial robots and measuring equipment, which guarantee dimensional accuracy and a consistent level of quality.
To appreciate this expertise, one should know that not all carbon is the same. There are now countless cheap helmets on the market from the Far East that advertise the fascination of carbon fibre technology. But it is not enough to coat a few random carbon fibre mats with synthetic resin and press them into a mould. The Aventuro Carbon2 plus is the result of a complex development process, in the course of which the design of the high-strength and lightweight helmet shell was given special attention in addition to the definition of the functions.
Even the selection of the right materials requires in-depth knowledge. Different densities and textures of the carbon fibre mats require very different properties. Therefore, different types of fabric must be processed in different zones of the helmet shell. Equally important is the exact cutting and careful placement of the individual fibre mats. Only in this way can the structure provide the right amount of strength and elasticity in the event of a fall.

A highly functional concept

But the Aventuro Carbon 2, certified according to ECE and DOT, scores points not only in terms of safety. Specially designed for the complex requirement profile of enduro travel, it convinces with well thought-out detailed solutions. The trend-setting ventilation system with six adjustable air inlets and four air outlets is particularly important during physical exertion. Of course, all ventilation openings can be closed if necessary, so that the Carbon2 plus is also very comfortable to wear in rainy weather and on long motorway journeys. For the latter purpose, its sophisticated aerodynamics are also convincing, ensuring a pleasantly low noise level and low strain on the neck muscles. The pre-shaped cheek pads made of skin-friendly and washable Coolmax also contribute to the high wearing comfort. The "Ergo Padding System" allows the helmet to be optimally adjusted to the individual head shape of the wearer by means of several foam padding strips. The adjustable helmet shield offers protection from stones and low sun. The scratch-resistant coated, three-dimensionally cast visor snaps cleanly into place, closes securely and also offers a ventilation position with a narrow gap.

The right one for everyone
The Aventuro Carbon2 plus can be easily converted without tools: from a hybrid helmet to an enduro helmet or a road helmet.
The Aventuro Carbon2 plus is already prepared for the installation of intercom systems and can take mounts for accessories such as action cams. Adapters for QuickStrap goggle straps can also be easily attached.
For the 2021 season, the Aventuro Carbon 2 is available in the three new decors "Sport Plus", "Compañero Plus " and "Core Plus". Seven sizes from XS to 3XL are available, with three different helmet shells guaranteeing the ideal thickness of the EPS dome. In addition, the "Rambler" variant is available on the basis of a glass fibre shell.


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