Engine crash bar for BMW R1300GS

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The most comprehensive all-round protection ever available for boxer engines!

The Touratech engine crash bar is where it is needed to prevent damage!

This also applies to the boxer engine of the BMW R 1300 GS with its cylinders with a favorable center of gravity but wide projection.


The heavy-duty construction with its 4 independent attachment points forms a “cage” and completely encloses the components. This creates the most effective protection for cylinders, valve covers and the sensitive lambda sensors!

For the first time, the 25x2 mm stainless steel tubes are supported by 3 mm thick, 3-dimensionally shaped stainless steel sheets. These fit the frame of the R1300GS perfectly in terms of both: technology and design. There, too, the advantages of shaped sheets with their significantly higher load capacity and low weight are used.


The 3D shaped plates of the Touratech engine crash bar protect the particularly vulnerable front area of the valve cover and secure it to the front and to the side. At the same time, it fits perfectly into the new, more flat design language of the large “GS” and also makes the engine crash bar a visual part of the motorcycle.

The forces that occur in the event of a tip over or fall are safely absorbed, distributed and effectively diverted to suitable points in the structure and dissipated in a way that protects the material. Numerous predetermined bending points prevent overloading and thus protect the frame and engine.

Made exclusively from robust electropolished stainless steel, the crash bar is resistant to rust. Even deeper scratches lose their fear and can simply be polished away.

The distance between the crash bars and the vehicle was chosen to be as close as possible. There is no noticeable influence on ground clearance or lean angle, and yet there is still enough space “for working”.


The installation is quick and easy through perfectly matched to the motorcycle mounting points. Complete assembly material is of course included in delivery.



- complete protection of the cylinders, including backwards and upwards

- Safe reduction of occurring forces without damaging the frame and engine

- no restrictions on lean angle or ground clearance

- made of 25/2 mm stainless steel tubes and 3D mold assemblies

- Made in Germany


TIP for perfect all-round protection: The ideal addition to the engine crash bar is our fairing crash bar for the BMW R 1300 GS (035-5161).

Does also fit with "Option 719" / "Tramuntana".

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