Touratech professional toolset for BMW motorcycles, 70 pieces

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Professional BMW motorcycle toolset for when you are on the road or in your workshop at home. Whether you are off on a big motorcycle trip or a small motorcycle tour, with this 70 piece on-board motorcycle toolset you can carry out necessary work at any time.

This robust double layer roll-up bag, weighing only 2.5 kg, offers a professional motorcycle toolset made of the best materials: S2 bits with black phosphate rust protection. Sockets and spanners are Cr-V satin chrome-plated. With its compact dimensions, there is always a place somewhere on your bike for this motorcycle toolbag in Touratech design.

MIT socket system (metric, inch, Torx): suitable for square, 6 or 12 point star, spline and damaged nuts.

Touratech professional toolset for BMW motorcycles, 70 pieces, contains:

1) Product Specs

Weight: 2.5 kg
Dimension Open: W 49cm x H 26,5cm ( W 19.29" x H 10.43")
Dimension Rolled up: Ø 10cm x H 26,5cm ( Ø 3.93" x H 10.43")

2) Add on Pouch BMW

3/8" Dr. T50 Torx stubby bit socket
3/8” Dr. Aluminum Hex axle tool 17-22mm/24-19mm, max 120Nm
Coil & Oil cap removal tool for BMW motorcycle in Aluminum
3/8" Dr. 72-Tooth Super Light Matt Finishing Ratchet, 304Nm
3/8" Dr. T55 Torx star bit socket 50mmL
3/8" Dr. MIT socket - 24mm (15/16, E30)
3/8" Dr. Heavy duty magnetic chuck locking 1/4" bits socket, +100Nm
17mm combination spanner, MIT on ringside- 17mm (11/16, -)
19mm combination spanner, MIT on ringside - 19mm (3/4, E24)
600 Den Double-layer Tetoron™ Add on pouch Bag
210 Den water-resistant nylon bag (19 x 38cm) (7.4” x 15”)

3) The Basic Adventure Motorcycle Tool Set

3 in 1 Multi-Tool (130mmL): T-handle - 1/4" Dr. Hex bit ratchet (75Nm) - 11mm ratchet (100Nm)
1/4" hex bits lock extension with aluminum Turbo sleeve 135mmL
1/4" to 1/4" adapter
1/4" 25mmL Bits/6.35mm (T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T50, PH3, Slot5.5)
1/4" 25mmL Bits/6.35mm (H1.5, H2, H2.5, H3, H4, H5, H5.5, H6, H7, H8, H10, PH2)
1/4" Dr. MIT socket - 6mm (1/4, E8)
1/4" Dr. MIT socket - 8mm (5/16, E10)
1/4" Dr. MIT socket - 10mm (3/8, E12)
1/4" Dr. MIT socket - 11mm (7/16, E14)
1/4" Dr. MIT socket - 12mm (15/32, -)
3/8" Dr. MIT socket- 13mm (1/2, E16)
3/8" Dr. MIT socket- 14mm (9/16, E18)
3/8" Dr. MIT socket- 15mm (19/32, -)
3/8" Dr. MIT socket - 17mm (11/16, -)
3/8" Dr. 14 & 16mm Spark Plug Sockets with outer HEX 16mm
3/8" Dr. 125mmL Poplock® extension with outer HEX 16mm
8mm open-end ring spanner, MIT on ringside - 8mm (5/16, E10)
10mm open-end ring spanner, MIT on ringside - 10mm (3/8, E12)
12mm open-end ring spanner, MIT on ringside - 12mm (15/32, -)
13mm open-end RATCHET spanner, MIT on ringside - 13mm (1/2, E16)
14mm open-end ring spanner, MIT on ringside - 14mm (9/16, E18)
16mm open-end ring spanner, MIT on ringside -16mm (5/8, E20)
3/8" socket adapter with a locking system for 13mm open-end spanner
Small tire pressure gauge 0.4 to 3.5Kg & 5 to 50Psi
Plier cutting long nose Vise-Grip 169mmL
Cable ties x 10 pcs, 200mmL x 4.5mm
Socket holder 5 x 1/4" & 4 x 3/8"
600 Den Double-layer Tetoron™ pouch Bag

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