ZEGA Pro / ZEGA Mundo accessory holder set with additional bag+ EXTREME Edition by Touratech Waterproof

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Touratech has already developed many useful luggage extensions for your ZEGA Pro / Mundo case. This accessory holder is specially designed for the additional bag EXTREME Edition by Touratech Waterproof.

With the help of the base plate which can be mounted on any case, your new accessory holder can be attached in seconds.

Thanks to the extra-long Velcro straps, mounting of the bag is no problem. The roll closure keeps the contents safe and dry. With a capacity of 3 litres, this bag offers enough space for your first aid pack, warning vest or breakdown kit. Small items can be stowed away in the net bag on the outside, ready to hand.

Now there's nothing to prevent you from increasing your luggage space thanks to the Touratech ZEGA Pro/ Mundo accessory holders. Interchangeable as required, you'll always have the right equipment with you.

- incl. additional bag EXTREME Edition by Touratech Waterproof
- without ZEGA pannier

You need the base plate for accessory holder 01-050-0830-0.
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